Avant Garde Club (NOW 83)

August 5, 2022

Poised to make a name for themselves is Avant Garde Club (AG Club for short), a 14-member group of creatives from the East Bay that is made up of musicians, directors, filmmakers, content creators, photographers, and designers.

AG Club was founded in 2017 after Baby Boy and Jody Fontaine linked up for a studio session through a producer friend. Jody started following Baby on Twitter after discovering one of his music videos he made and instantly became a fan. Before joining AG Club, Baby was making music videos for other local acts. So for Baby and Jody to have good chemistry off that session was a sign of things to come. They made their first song “want to,” followed by another called “flowersss” that were both uploaded on SoundCloud with the hashtag wavy and under a “nameless” collective. After brainstorming several names, they landed on “AG Club” because their brand of off-kilter music was nothing like what was coming out of Oakland and San Francisco.

“We kind of look at our existence as a network on television,” Jody says. “If you turn your TV to Nickelodeon or something, you’ll probably see within 24 hours like two or three movies. Like 12 TV shows and maybe a special or two. That’s kind of how we feel AG Club could operate one day. We are the place where you go to find everything.”

Songwriters: Damarcuz Henderson, Jahan Jayubo-Williams, Isaac Rose, Jackson Shanks, Greg Varteresian, Zach Michel