Cochise (NOW 81)

February 1, 2022

“Pocket Rocket”

Florida rapper, producer, and artist Cochise immediately separates himself from the pack. Instead of simply alternating bars and hooks over beats, his vocals are more like a jazz solo—they’re controlled and chaotic all at once. Remaining unpredictable, he fuses trap, dancehall, and anime with the intensity of a car crash. Introducing his genre- and culture-bending style, he independently dropped a pair of EPs—Pulp [2018] and Hijack [2019]—and served up anthems such as “Dig Me Freestyle,” generating millions of streams and views in the process. However, Cochise broke through with “Hatchback” during 2020. It distilled his Jamaican heritage, love for anime, lifelong obsession with Slick Rick and Busta Rhymes, and passion for dancehall vocal acrobatics into the rare outlier anthem that makes a dent in the mainstream. It featured in TikTok videos by the likes of Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae and eventually amassed 65 million Spotify streams and 11 million YouTube views. Signing to Columbia Records, he maintained his momentum with “Lost It.” The Source praised, “The rising Palm Bay rapper shows off sonic diversity with his latest head-knocking banger.” On its heels, “Knicks” posted up another 6.5 million Spotify streams in a few months’ time. After racking up over 100 million streams and 30 million views and receiving acclaim from The Source, Genius, HotNewHipHop, and more, he consistently surprises on a series of 2021 singles and his full-length debut album, Benbow Crescent via Columbia Records, out now.

Songwriters: Carlos Rebata, Terrell Cox