Justus Bennetts (NOW 82)

May 5, 2022

JUSTUS BENNETTS  – Don’t Trip (feat. GAYLE)

Fuquay-Varina, NC native, Justus Bennetts draws on the uncertainty and insecurity of his adolescence. At 22-years-old he crafts DIY divergent pop songs mixed with hip-hop and rock that are meant to comfort those feeling alone. Across his 2021 singles —the brash, R&B-influenced “Bad Day,” the nostalgic “Cool Kids” and more— Justus demonstrates a knack for storytelling. In less than a year the former car salesman who started off recording in a laundry room has amassed over 135 million streams.

Songwriters: Taylor Gayle Rutherford, Jesse Finkelstein, Eugene Veltman, Justus Bennetts, Paul Daniel, Remy Gautreau, Amir Rivera-Lieberman, Doc Daniel