Kelly & Kyle (NOW 84)

November 21, 2022


Kelly & Kyle, Cambodian-born twins raised just north of Seattle up in rugged Whidbey Island, WA, present a smoothed-out soul funk sound for a new generation. Multi-instrumentalists with a taste for the classic and the chaotic. They’ve been schooled in Stevie, Marley and Motown, sprinkled with gospel gold from their pastor father’s church, and whipped by the ghosts of grunge – courtesy of a passing psychedelic windstorm from the Pacific Northwest. A recent jaunt to legendary Sunset Sounds studio in Hollywood CA with producer Michael Binikos (Donna Summer, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West) reaped the Lovely EP – a 3 track salvo that promises great things. From that session, debut jam “Lovely” sips and gurgles into life over a Bootsy bassline. It’s a supremely confident party track that slips and slides into your summer playlist with barely a ‘”hello” – and promises to run all summer long.