Lonr (NOW 81)

February 1, 2022


Lonr refuses to conform. The mere mention of labeling his music makes his stomach turn. “If we’re gonna name genres, we’ve got to name, like, seven,” the 24-year-old singer, songwriter, and producer says. “I am not in a box, and I never will be. I do hip-hop. I do rock. I do punk. I do grunge. I do indie. A little R&B. I do everything.” And he certainly poured his all into the new Land of Nothing Real 2 EP, on which elastic, genre-fluid songwriting is used to grapple with a lifetime of loneliness, of constantly feeling like his individuality was under siege. It’s an extension of his goals since he adopted the name Lonr.: To present a true and complete version of himself and to inspire others to do the same. For the project, a follow up to 2020’s Land of Nothing Real, he wrote to diversify and elevate his sound, to appeal to as many types of people as possible. “Hi Lonr” is a love letter to himself that swells over syrupy beats. For Lonr., the variability of the songs is an honest reflection of his experiences—it’s hard to stay in one mood for too long.

Songwriters: Anthony Bryant, Elijah Dias, Jason Avalos, Jordan Ware, Kayhan Azdi