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"Forgive Myself"

Shaylen leaves a mark on pop by casually dropping the sort of lines you get tattooed somewhere scandalous or reserve for a drunk DM. Unafraid, unapologetic, and unfiltered, she’ll put a boring ex on blast in one breath and open up about her deepest insecurities in the next. Yet, she gleefully pins those confessions to a defiant soundtrack of pop, R&B, and alternative. Posting up over 10 million streams within a year and receiving praise from Billboard, Just Jared, Hollywood Life, Popdust, and Idolator who pegged her as “on the brink of a major breakthrough,” the Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter turns heads in 2020 with a series of singles and her forthcoming full-length debut for Republic Records.

Ultimately, Shaylen continues to show how she feels via her upcoming new music, leaving a mark with every mood, song, and lyric.

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The world keeps getting weirder. Our devices connect and disconnect us more than ever. Our emotions turn into ones and zeroes on-screen. Our lives remain chronicled by cameras everywhere. We take one step forward and one step backward as a society daily in terms of technological, social, and interpersonal advancement. All of that in mind, PRETTY AWKWARD doesn’t just serve as the moniker for the Seattle, WA alternative quartet formed by Austin Robert [lead vocals, rhythm guitar, piano], Nicholas Wiggins [bass, piano], Jake Jones [lead guitar], and Damien Ward [drums]; it could also be a two-word global “State of the Union” address.

Thankfully, as weird as the world seems, the group’s magnetic melodies, lush instrumentation, and hypnotic hooks never go out of style.

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dempsey hope

"Elephant In The Room (f. gnash)"

Dempsey Hope has been a singer and performer since an early age. In 2009, Dempsey began recording his YouTube videos, gaining fans by doing covers and creating content with his childhood friend Kateel. He then got started with a local community based recording program in South Seattle, releasing his first original song “Game Time”, and started busking at local festivals and on the streets of Seattle.

His new track “Elephant in the Room” feat. gnash via RCA Records. What started as an organic online connection between two like-minded artists, brought together after their respective fan bases started cross tagging them in posts to work together, soon evolved into both a friendship and an artistic collaboration.

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Whitney Woerz


Certain moments knock us right to the floor. We surrender to overpowering emotion and a rush of understanding before getting back to our feet a little wiser and a whole lot stronger. Letting out jazz-y runs, hypnotic hooks, and an unfiltered operatic scream from the gut, Whitney Woerz sparks a physical reaction with every performance in the studio and on stage. With over 135 million YouTube views, 20 million streams, and acclaim from Billboard, Vanyaland, and more, she traces her 2020 10:22pm/Island Records debut back to one such moment and a life-changing realization…

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Peach Tree Rascals


Peach Tree Rascals is a five-piece collective comprised of Dom, Isaac, Tarrek, Joseph, and Jorge. With each member handling different aspects of their work (Dom produces and mixes, Isaac, Tarrek, and Joseph rap and sing, while Jorge acts as creative director), the group blends alternative jazz, funk, and hip-hop into a sound inspired by Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean, the Beatles, and John Mayer. They began releasing music in 2018 and accumulated over 10 million streams with just eight songs, their most popular being “Mariposa.”