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What’s Next – hot up and coming artists on your new NOW album

Nicky Davey

Originating from the visceral depths of Los Angeles, Nicky Davey is certainly one of LA’s best kept secrets. Nick Green and Dave Rosser officially formed the project in 2011. They started out just making records together under various aliases until they carved a sound they could truly call their own. It was the countless hours in the studio that ultimately gave birth to Nicky Davey.

The rock and soul duo’s approach to songwriting has always had a strong emphasis on beauty, combined with infectious hooks. Their music features lush vocal arrangements, infused with the melodic honey of the talk box over organic beats. Constantly striving to reinvent the modern pop song, they were given the opportunity to work with Odd Future affiliates, The Internet. In 2013, under the production of The Neptunes’ Chad Hugo, they helped pen their underground hit “Dontcha.”

In January of 2015, Nick was in the studio with his good friend Syd and the electronic Londoners, Snakehips. Together they wrote the song “Gone” at Syd’s house in LA. The track features Syd and has undeniably been a favorite of Snakehip’s devoted fan base. This led to Nick, the duo’s lead singer, getting asked to vocal produce and co-write on The Internet’s Ego Death. The alternative soul record features collaborations from Janelle Monáe, Vic Mensa, and Tyler, The Creator. Both members collaborated on the record that dropped last summer. It even reached as high as Number 9 on Billboard’s Top R&B/ Hip Hop Albums chart. Ego Death is also nominated for a Grammy Award as Best Urban Contemporary Album in 2016. Most recently, the duo just finished a national fall tour as direct support for The Internet on the Ego Death Tour. They were out promoting their NICKY DAVEY – EP released on Noise Alchemy in August of 2015. Currently, the two studio rats are back in their Hollywood studio and feverishly working on their next release.

The Young Wild

All things considered, the Young Wild should not exist. Which is to say, film majors and chemistry majors rarely jam together. Odds are slimmer they’ll commit their entire careers to the noises produced. And if a drummer catches said film major stealing his cymbals after jazz ensemble, he’d sooner tell him off than join his band—right?

Wrong—these are the kinds of events that brought The Young Wild together.

Tangential threads from San Diego, Temecula and Hawaii sewn into circumstance and the pursuit of a similar sound: modern alt-rock played on vintage tubes and synths excavated from the depths of eBay. The music is reminiscent, yet never derivative, of influences like Tame Impala, Father John Misty, The Killers, Delta Spirit and Cold War Kids to name a few. A combination of classic rock chops earned from years in cover bands, and the cool chime of alt-rock (a la Devo and Alphaville) cut with William’s allegiance to soul, Motown and precision groove. New wave with an old soul. All of the angst ridden youth, all of the hindsight.

“There’s a landscape that these songs stand on,” says singer/guitarist Bryan Williams about the material for the band’s upcoming album. “Like, downtown Los Angeles on a Thursday at two AM is a very specific landscape. People are making mistakes, people are self-medicating, people are rehashing old drama. Do you face the feeling or run from it?”

Ben Rector

Eight years after he began touring while at the University of Arkansas and two years after his first entry into the Top Twenty on the Billboard Album Chart, Ben Rector is back with a new album and is feeling Brand New (August 28th, Aptly Named Recordings). The singer-songwriter’s newest album marks a return to the spirit of his youth, when he was a music-crazed teenager playing guitar in his Tulsa bedroom. At that time, every new song was a discovery, and turning those songs into a career was just a dream. Since then, the twenty-eight year old has made that dream a reality, independently selling over 389,000 albums and 3,895,000 digital tracks. His four studio albums and 2014’s Live In Denver, have repeatedly put him on top of the iTunes charts, leading to sold-out shows to fans who sing along with every word in theaters across the country. Rector has written hundreds of songs and played thousands of bills in his young career, but in the writing and recording of Brand New, he re-discovered the energy of his early days, with songs that have all the punch, power and promise of a debut record. Filled with rich string arrangements, percussion, pounding piano chords and effortless melodies, Brand New sounds anthemic. At the same time, its message is both sincere and humble, anchored by songs that are honest and meaningful. It’s pop music with a purpose.


FRANKIE, a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter with a degree in music, released her debut EP “Dreamstate” on August 28th, 2015. She is inspired by female artists from the 70′s and 90′s and how they represented girl power by being completely themselves and making no apologies for it. Collaborating with her best friend and producer Petros, Frankie delivers subtly soulful, real-girl pop songs that radiate with charisma and confidence. FRANKIE draws on love, relationships, power dynamics, career, and in doing so hopes that someone else feels the same way and can relate. Frankie can’t remember a time when she wasn’t trying to connect with people through music. The “Dreamstate” EP features the viral hits “Problems Problems” and “New Obsession”. Billboard included “New Obsession” in their list of “20 Pop Songs You Need For Your Summer Playlist” calling it a “slick, wildly engaging highlight.”

The Score

THE SCORE’s Eddie and Edan first met in 2013. Feverishly writing songs together, they crafted a vision for the band while simultaneously honing their craft and writing for major-label artists behind the scenes. Having won over a devout following in New York with countless gigs at Rockwood Music Hall and the like, they traded The Big Apple for sunny California. Penning “Oh My Love” shortly after the move, they signed to Republic Records and released Where Do You Run EP. The song and the EP have been taking off ever since! All is looking up for The SCORE who are dominating at radio, online and overseas!


Transviolet is an LA-based quartet made up of vocalist Sarah McTaggart, multi-instrumentalist Michael Panek, drummer Jonathan Garcia, and guitarist Judah McCarthy. The band’s first song, “Girls Your Age” popped online in the summer of 2015 announcing Transviolet’s arrival. “Girls Your Age” gained instant online traction with Sarah’s voice at once recalling the Lana, Lorde and Imogen Heap: sultry, measured, assured. Katy Perry praised the lyrics, Harry Styles tweeted his support, Ellie Goulding selected it for a spin on Beats1 and Twin Shadow delivered an exclusive remix. Transviolet’s four-song eponymous EP (released September ‘15) further underscores what’s in store.